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Book: Will Grayson, Will Grayson
John Green and David Levithan.
When most reviews likened this to a musical, I feared this was going to be campy with glitters (the one thing I really have against the sparkly stuff i\s that they don’t come off easy). But trusting John Green’s writing style (which I think is the star of his work), and a friend’s previous experience with (and current love of) David Levithan’s work, I bought the book.
Briefly, it’s a story of how the worlds of two guys, who only happen to share the same name, come together. And, with the help of friends, how each character settles into finding out who they really are, and that they can be so much more.
At once both Will Graysons take me back to my own version of teenage struggle. The one where you’re not sure where you fit in, or how you fit in on other people’s lives. And it could be difficult finding yourself amidst every label (or lack of one) that’s on offer. Most people forget that it isn’t only outside pressure, but more of the pressure we put on ourselves that leads us into the crises and insecurities we experience throughout life. And when people are (or seem) busy, it’s not easy to reach out. And we fall into pit holes, or traps we set for ourselves. Then insert friends who are crazy for all the right reasons, and an autobiographical school play that (seemingly) updates on its own so fast, there’s a whole segment on that thing you did a few days ago. And what you get is a wallet full of fun, revelations, and a fake ID.
Most of us in the younger-than-30 (or 35?) group ask so many questions. But the book picks out the ones we often forget to find answers to. Who do we appreciate? We all depends on each other in some way. But how come we find it difficult to show appreciation to those who really matter to us? And how weak does that make us look if we do? How weak do we make others seem in that respect?
As the reader commutes by train and is eventually picked up by car through two unique versions of modern coming of age, one realizes how love is love, teenage life is real, and how a good friendship is forged into a great one. You wouldn’t mind the singing.
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When two malls don’t look alike..

I was on my way to meet my friend Anne to go watch Black Butler at the mall theater. Did my work, finished a little earlier than expected, took the train, and walked to a mall.

Notice that I only mentioned “a mall”. All this time I was thinking I got there with time to spare. So she messages to meet near the entrance of a coffee shop. Went there, no her. Went to the other side (the doors of the shop lead both in and out of the mall itself), still no sign. I messaged her that I was already there. A minute later, she messages that she’s in that same place where we were supposed to meet up. I look around, and over to the opposite door. She wasn’t there. I message her. She replied telling me the name of the mall. … Oh. In some sense, we were in the same place. Same shop name, same part of the shop, different mall.

It was around 50 minutes before the movie starts. And I was in a hurry to get there at the beginning of the Friday rush hour. I made it with around 10 minutes before the movie started. Whew!

The two malls didn’t even look alike. I was just so used to meeting her there I assume it’s that place whenever we plan to meet in that area. At least we got to start the movie. But I did have to settle for a hot dog on a stick instead of putting more thought into my movie snack.

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at Aoyama by naoyafujii on Flickr.

Letter to the one who could be the one.

I’m flawed. Imperfect as the things I’ve told you before. Probably in contrast to your type, or most everyone else’s. You’re starting to grow a little more on me. And maybe I want to improve myself. When I think I’m already doing better.. When I’m not so easily swayed by forces trying to distract me from you. When I get a more stable source of income. When O can prove to you that I can be just as good and more. I’ll try and really go for you. It may be long, but I’ll try.

  Other things might happen or you might not give me a chance to make my point then. It’s all okay. It’ll be great to know that I still gave my best for someone like you, because it’s you. And I hope we can keep being close.

Just right here when you need me.

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